Multimedia Story Coaching

How much progress have you made on your project
in the past year?

Probably not as much as you'd like. We all have limits- but we also want to be constantly pushing those limits. We want to tell better stories faster regardless of whether we're working in video games, video, books, comics, or other media.

But strategies change across media. And every coach I've ever seen comes from either a single medium (books, screenplays, video games) or else a single industry (marketing, entertainment, nonfiction), and then talks about their experience as if it covers every medium and every industry. Guess what: it doesn't.

I've had the opportunity to work across media and industries in a huge variety or roles including Script Writer, Video Editor, Game Programmer, Marketing Director, Graphic Artist, Theater Actor, Set Hand, and Game Producer. I was very interested in comparing and contrasting all the media I'd worked in for my own projects, and so in 2011 I determined to discover the core of story and how we can use the strengths of every medium. I begun developing Story Forms and Story Core theories that I'm still finessing and testing to this day. Based on the results I've seen from sharing and practicing them I believe in these theories today more than ever.

While Josh’s deep understanding of the interactive media landscape is obvious, it’s his ability to navigate and effectively troubleshoot the complex and delicate interpersonal landscape of our small team that was most appreciated, offering carefully crafted solutions that both met our needs and strengthened our relationships. - Scott Jacobson, Game Design Instructor of over 27 Years

As a result, I can see storytelling from a view that isn't limited to your medium, your role, or even your industry. We can discuss not just tools and techniques but mindsets that will revolutionize your approach to content creation.

From my perspective, Josh has unique ability to be able to break down for others the very essence of what storytelling is all about- into logical compartments (in seemingly scientific fashion). - Donald G. Fraser (author and scriptwriter)

I've had the opportunity to give speeches with TEDxUMDearborn and Digital Summit, work alongside indie devs, and coach game companies.

I do a lot of knowledge reading and to this day, I’ve never come across theories and teachings that were as understandable as the ones [Josh] produced. - James O'Connor

I want you to get unstuck. If you want to get unstuck too, email me to request a free 1-hour meeting where we'll analyze your story project's problems and I'll help you discover new mindsets and solutions to get you past them. Even if you are determined to only take advantage of this hour and never book paid meetings with me afterwards, I'm extending the offer to you.

Josh has been incredibly helpful & responsive in my requests for feedback on my work. He makes an honest attempt to carefully listen and understand where you are coming from in a way unique to your project and vision, and is skilled at picking out specific details that you may not have seen yourself. - Brittany Bunge (Editor)

If you can't muster the will to send me an email, then we both know you won't muster the time to finish your project. So take that first step. Let's talk.