Multimedia Story Coach

Bring your story (back) to life

Is your novel stuck in a corner? Is your video game's plot a hopeless mess? Is your screenplay losing its shine the more you polish it?

Do you feel like the more you talk about your own project, the more confused you get?

You want your story to evoke that feeling you had at its inception. But you're going to have to think differently to get there.

I've had the opportunity to watch multimedia content creation come to the masses. I've worked in almost every medium and role you can think of: I've been a game producer, screenwriter, engine programmer, film actor, stage hand, comic artist, video editor, public speaker, and far more.

As a result, I can see storytelling from a view that isn't limited to your medium, your role, or even your industry. We can discuss not just tools you can use, but mindsets that will revolutionize your approach to writing.

From my perspective, Josh has unique ability to be able to break down for others the very essence of what storytelling is all about- into logical compartments (in seemingly scientific fashion). - Donald G. Fraser (author and scriptwriter)

I've had the opportunity to give speeches with TEDxUMDearborn and Digital Summit, work alongside indie devs, and coach game companies. I've been studying story theory and reverse-engineering creative techniques for over 10 years.

I don't want you to be stuck anymore. If you don't want to be either, email me to request a free 1-hour meeting where we'll analyze your story project's problems and I'll help you discover new mindsets and solutions to get you past them. I'm offering this to you whether you are a solo indie or head of a production company.

If you'd like to take your story to the next level and are ready to think differently, get in touch.


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What do you think about Josh for story coaching?

Josh has been incredibly helpful & responsive in my requests for feedback on my work. He makes an honest attempt to carefully listen and understand where you are coming from in a way unique to your project and vision, and is skilled at picking out specific details that you may not have seen yourself.

Brittany Bunge, Editor

I do a lot of knowledge reading and to this day, i’ve never come across theories and teachings that were as understandable as the ones [Josh] produced.

James O'Connor

Josh's sensitivity and resourcefulness attracted me to approaching him for tutoring. He works at an individual's pace to make sure you understand the content before being overwhelmed with it.

Charles Ellison, tutoring student

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