A-more Spaghetti

A skit written for a young theatre class about a father and his children's adventure for the legendary Spaghetti Tree. You're welcome for the fabulous pun, by the way!


SCENE 1 (Family Restaurant, Kitchen)

LC: Lights Up

Giraldo is on stage with a big pot of spaghetti resting on a table. He’s stirring and checking it. Could have a sign out, “Giraldo’s Spaghetti Kitchen”.

LC: Door Open/Ringing Bell sound effect (faint)

Giraldo: Hey, Federico, we have more customers coming, do you have the extra noodles yet? (pause) Federico? (pause) FEDERICO!

Federico: Yes, Papa! (runs in from SL. Plops some bags of spaghetti on the table beside the pot)

Giraldo: Is that all? Where’s your sister? (calls) Carlotta?

Carlotta: (comes in from SL) Yes, Papa?

Giraldo: Do we have any more spaghetti?

Carlotta: No, Papa.

Giraldo: You are kidding me! It’s almost lunch hour! Federico!

Federico: Yes?

Giraldo: Please call the local store and see if they have any more spaghetti in stock!

Federico: Alright. (goes to wall phone, starts dialing a number, picks phone up)

Carlotta: What are you going to do if they’re out of pasta, Papa?

Giraldo: Don’t talk crazy talk, you tend to this spaghetti while I go get some more sauce, okay sweetie?

Carlotta: All right.

Federico: Thank you sir. (hangs up the phone) Papa, they’re all out!

Giraldo: All out of spaghetti?

Federico nods. Giraldo sits down, hold his hand to his head.

Giraldo: Mama mia…

Carlotta: What are you thinking, Papa?

Federico: We’re not going to have to shut down the pasta shop early, are we?

Carlotta: There must be other spaghetti shops in Italy!

Giraldo: (grieving) Oh, but none that make noodles the way your mama used tomake them! With dough…

Children: …and amore.

Giraldo: Rest her soul. Well, my children, I think there’s only one thing we can do.

Federico: What’s that?

Giraldo walks over to a bookshelf, takes out an old book and dusts it off

Giraldo: According to ancient legends, deep in the Northern woods, there is a treethat grows spaghetti…

Federico: A tree that grows spaghetti?!

Giraldo: The best spaghetti in the entire world!

Carlotta: Are we going to the Northern woods then, Papa?

Giraldo: Don’t get ahead of me… but yes.

Federico: Wow, I’ve always wanted to go there. When do we leave?

LC: Lights Out
Table and props taken off stage
All exit