Dream High School

A serial minimalist mass interactive novel that went on for 53 pages from 2015 to 2016. Basically, new pieces were released as scheduled; readers could vote on what happened next (as well as give me requirements to fulfill, such as words I had to use a certain number of times, a character that had to return on the next page, etc); and I tried to get across the story using as few words as possible and even experimental punctuation, etc (for example, I denoted a beat with ".."). It almost read more like a script for the most part. Very experimental, it seems like people always either loved it or hated it. You can take your pick.


A bell rings as I enter and my nose is assaulted by the overpowering scents of hundreds of flowers.

Corliss bursts out from behind the counter: “HELLO, -”

I sneeze.

“Uh-oh, do you have asthma? Are you allergic??? We keep an inhaler and Epipen back here in case you need it!”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Good! Welcome to Flowers and Foliage!” She comes over. “Let me know if you see anything you like!”

“Um, thanks, I’m not planning on buying anything…”

“I didn’t say you were!”


She half-whispers, “I’m offering you free flowers! ‘Wink wink’!”

“Oh, okay. Um…” I browse the offerings just in case. “Where’s Nara?”

“Rara’s a little late, I guess.”

Something catches my eye. “Are those…”

“That’s my favorite arrangement!”

“Those are the flowers you gave me that day!”

“Yep! We’ve had that one for quite a while. It continues to be popular.” She pauses. “Um, it’s one of the more expensive arrangements, so I don’t think I could give you that one…”

(A reader raffle determined the character would say:) “…they’re even uglier than I remembered.”

Shock and silence.

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