The Easter Invasion

A skit written for a young theatre class about aliens' invasion on Easter, helped along by the Easter Bunny who placed landing markers in the form of Easter Eggs all around the world.


SCENE 1 (Backyard)

A tree is upstage from CS. Ronnie and Poe are hiding behind it. They have an Easter basket.

LC: Lights Up

FX: Birds chirping, morning noises

The Easter Bunny hops out from SL

Bunny: Hello, birds! Hello, grass! Hello, tree! (not truthfully) It’s another totally regular Easter day! Don’t you love it? None of the children should be up yet… it’s an hour till sunrise.

Bunny places four eggs evenly spaced across the stage.

Bunny: One yard at a time… here we go!

Bunny hops offstage. Ronnie and Poe come from behind the tree.

Ronnie: See! See, Poe! I told you she was real!

Poe: I guess. I just didn’t know that rabbits laid eggs.

Ronnie: She doesn’t! She gets her eggs from the Easter Chickens!

Poe: The Easter Chickens?

Ronnie: Yep! And she’s not a rabbit, she’s a bunny. They’re different.

Poe: All right. Well now that we’ve spotted the bunny, what do we do?

Ronnie: Collect the eggs!

Poe: Why?

Ronnie: Because there’s candy in them!

Poe: (trying to figure it out) So do the chickens eat candy and then lay the eggs?

Ronnie: No, it’s magic, Poe! Come on!

The two of them collect the eggs, and put them in a basket.

Poe: There aren’t very many eggs…

Ronnie: Must be the increasing population; fewer eggs to go around.

Poe: But wouldn’t there be more Easter chickens by now too?

Ronnie: Don’t over-think it, Poe.

FX: Spaceship falling and exploding SR Poe and Ronnie react

Poe: What was that?!

Ronnie: I’m not sure. Somebody’s coming!