Your Story NOW!

A series of videos on story development- all sorts of topics that I cover elsewhere on this site. Over 4 hours of free content.

How to Make a Story in 10 Minutes or Less

Learn how to make a powerful story concept in 10 minutes or less in this TEDxUMDearborn talk!
Thumbnail Photo Credit: TEDxUMDearborn (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/)

Inspector Josh Investigates TV

A podcast where we reverse-engineer popular and niche TV shows to draw story writing lessons from them.

Story Theory: An Intro

Over 25 pages of info to get you into story theory and moving forward on your next story!

Writing from God's Word

God's Word has a ton of great writing lessons we can draw from it.


Free Software for Storytelling

An extensive list of free software for creating stories in various media, along with my recommendations! This list includes alternatives to professional software like Photoshop, After Effects, Final Draft Pro, and Maya!

Free Stock Resources for Storytelling

Need pictures, music, drawings, video clips, or more for your story project, but don't have much in the way of money? Then check out this extensive list!

Free Learning Resources for Storytelling

A list of resources for learning the ins and outs for working in different media.


All of the following packages use PHP and minimal dependencies in order to make them as easy as possible to get running on your website.

Showpony: A multimedia story player. Supports comics, books, audio, video, and kinetic novels, with more media in the works. Lightweight, powerful, and easy to use.

Continue: Receive payments and give audiences points and a place in the credits! You can also set and meet goals, and get notified of met goals automatically.

Hey Bard API: Automatically save user bookmarks for your story without having to store any of their personal information yourself.

Ferret: Lists are boring. Ferret aims to make scrounging your content fun while also providing search functionality to make finding what you're looking for as quick as ever!

Compressall: Compress and convert files automatically- JPG to PNG, DOC to TXT, MP3 to WAV, and more! You will need to download and install additional libraries properly.

Looper: Create dynamic loops from audio files. Allows you to add and remove instruments and layers while a song is playing!

Podeasy: A light package that makes it easy to self-host your podcast.